Online Litter Lodgement / Membership Renewal

Using the ANKC members online website you can pay your DOGS Victoria membership renewal (only if renewed within 30 days of due date), and place an online litter lodgement service for litter registration (and only where the owner of the sire and dam are the same and the mating is a natural mating, not an AI litter).

Visit to use the ANKC members online website


This is separate to the DOGS Victoria website, so different log in details are needed. Click on Victoria and then click on "Are you a DOGS Victoria member?" to set up your account. Once finalised, your username and password will be emailed to you.

If you have previously supplied your photo ID to DOGS Victoria, you do not need to re-submit this information.

When accessing the online system to renew a membership you may notice your date of birth recorded as 01/01/1900. The online system defaults to that if your date of birth has not been recorded on the ANKC database. The date of birth field is ONLY required for junior members. You will not be able to edit the date of birth online.

If you are encountering issues please check the following before contacting the office:
  • Are you using Internet Explorer? (This will not work with other browsers)
  • Are you entering your name exactly as it appears on your membership card?
  • Are you entering the email address registered to your name on the database? (If unsure contact the office)

If you are still encountering problems, please ring the DOGS Victoria office on 9788 2500 for assistance.